All new Wacky Races at GABF

Posted February 2, 2017

There are some exciting things happening on the race track! The return of the Keg Rolling will be matched with some fun beer inspired races that you the patrons can get involved in! Professor Pilsner will be calling each race, so get ready for some fun! You just need to be trackside for the chance to participate and you could potentially win some of the great prizes on offer;


12 – 1    GABF Keg Rolling Heats

Whilst you’re savouring your brews, the brewers will be sweating it out to make the final… Race 5!

Race 1: 1.30pm      Urban Craft Beer Co. – Malt Sack Race
8 Patrons, in malt sacks racing to the line…
Prize: Case of Urban Craft Beer Co beer

Race 2: 2.15pm      Goop Digital – Yes You Can Race
8 Patrons, with waiters’ trays and balancing cans of beer, first past the winning post without dropping their cans…
Prize: GABF Merch pack

Race 3: 3pm     Décor Impact – Costume Dash
If you have the costume, you can race. A 100 metre run to the finish line. You must be in costume to enter…
Prize: $100 tokens and 2 x VIP tickets to GABF 2018 ($340)

Race 4: 3.45pm     Adcell Group – Celebrity Race
See if you can work out who the celebrity is, as they manoeuvre a set of beer challenges in beer costumes.
Donation to charity of winners’ choice

Race 5  : 4.30pm     GABF – Brewers Keg Rolling Cup
The main race, with 4 brewers vying for the cup and bragging rights.
Prize: A free 6×3 site at GABF 2018

Race 6: 5.15pm     Mountain Goat – 3 Legged Goat Race
12 Patrons in 6 pairs with legs tied together, hurtling down the track whilst making bleating noises…a must see
Prize: Case of Mountain Goat Beer

Race 7: 6pm       Yenda – Long Hop Race
It’s 6pm … honestly will anyone make it 30m hopping down the track on one leg?
Prize: Four, yes Four cases of Yenda beers!