Beer cocktails anyone?

Posted February 2, 2017

For the first time at GABF, Gorge Camorra will be mixing some beer cocktails for you to try. Gorge is the local cocktail king with multiple Australian and International mixology awards under his belt. Gorge is about to open The 18th Amendment – Geelong’s newest cocktail bar, on Little Malop Street. He has put together some amazing flavours and incorporated some great beers into the mixes. These will start at $6 for a full 200ml serve.  You will find them near the main stage, serving from the magnificent Meet Gertrude van…

Beer Cocktails

Spiced Peach & Berry Mojito – Peach liqueur, mint, lime juice and Forbidden Fruit apple berry cider
Ginger Apple High Ball – Monkey Shoulder scotch whisky, ginger syrup, lemon & Franks apple cider
Lagerita – Patron Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, Agave nectar, Southern Bay Requiem Pilsner
Monkey Goes Bananas – Monkey Shoulder scotch whisky, banana liqueur & Prickly Moses Chainsaw
Whisky Boilermaker – Scotch Whisky matched with Odyssey Calypso Pale Ale