Big Smoke BBQ

Big Smoke BBQ will bring you low and slow pulled beef and pork, 1/4 chicken, kransky and baked spuds… yum!

Boss Burger

Great burgers and fries from the team at Boss Burger and Co. With 3 stores in the Geelong region, you probably already know how good they are!

Burn City Smokers

American Style BBQ, straight from their onsite wood fired smoker. 14 Hour smoked brisket, 10 hour smoked pork shoulder, Smoked Cheese Kransky and Smoked Mushroom burgers… cant wait!

Just Chips

Great chips, gourmet salts, sauces and gravy…Oh and they have donuts as well, nice.

Meltdown Toasties

A pop up cafe serving coffee and flavoursome toasties… this  is one spunky cafe!

Mr Squidgy

Calamari and chips with a variety of seasonings on offer.

Simply Vegan

A regular over summer along the coast and across local events, Simply Vegan says it all! They have a wide variety on offer from chickpea and veggie curry to zucchini linguini and choc and coconut vegan ice cream to name a few.

The Gypsy’s Lunchbox

Beef Brisket, Award winning ‘Waubra Prime’ lamb burgers, corn on the cob and other BBQ’d goodies.