GABF Geelong will use a token system as its currency for food and beverage purchases. Each token has a value of $2 and can be purchased:

  • with ticket, or
  • at our designated token tents at event, or
  • from our roaming token sellers.

Tickets pre-purchased online are entry only or with 20 tokens and all include an official event glass and program. Tokens can be purchased at numerous locations within the festival. Token value is $2 each (please note tokens are non-refundable, so only purchase the amount you intend to use).

  1. One token 100ml beer or cider
  2. Two tokens 200ml beer or cider
  3. Four tokens 150ml wine
  4. Beer Cocktails start at Four Tokens for 200ml serve

# Tokens are not refundable or redeemable for cash. However, Odyssey Tavern and Brewery honour your leftover tokens from Sunday 18th Feb until Sunday 4th March . See the event program for more information. Brewers will be supplying some speciality and higher alcohol percentage brews, these may be charged at a higher token price. Prices will be displayed at each brewer stall.